Winding Down Summer With Your To-Do List

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With July almost over, and the end of summer approaching (really, already?), kids will be heading back to school and summer activities will be winding down. But there is still time to do some of the household chores you may have let slip.

  • Clean the coils on your outdoor A/C unit. Leaves, dirt, and grass can get caught inside the coils and prevent your A/C from working at full strength.
  • Make crafts with the kids – use extra household items you may have laying around.
  • Detail the car – give it a nice spa day, cleaning out both the interior and exterior.
  • Take some time to inspect the outside of your home. Check the roof, driveway, siding, lighting, fencing, deck, etc. Take care of minor issues before they get too big (or too expensive). Don’t forget to make sure the latches and hinges on your fence/gate are in proper working condition.
  • Relax and enjoy some pool time – don’t forget to have some fun! Remember, that come end of the season you will need to close the pool down, so now is a good time to prepare for end of the season. Will you be closing it down yourself, or hiring a professional?
  • Plan an end of summer party. Fun fact: 150 million hot dogs are eaten on July 4th! (source: national hot dog and sausage council)

*source: Angie’s List Magazine, July 2016