Heavy-Duty Wrap Hinge

Boerboel Heavy-Duty Wrap Hinge Kit features Tension Control Technology™ with unique 3-way adjustability – up, down, and tension – for a perfectly balanced gate. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Heavy-Duty hinge works with a wide variety of vinyl and wood gates.

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What You Need to Know

Common Gate Components:


Fence Post - Vertical support from which the hinge and gate hangs. The post also attaches to the fence panel.

Gate Upright - Vertical part of the gate where you mount the hinge arm. Size varies based upon the dimension and style of the gate.

Gate Width and Weight - Width is the horizontal measurement of the gate. This measurement, along with the weight of the gate, will determine the load capacity your hinge can support.

Gate Material - Common gate materials include wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel.

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Self Closing

Boerboel Gate Solutions offers industry-leading features that serve as your eyes in the yard – and adjust to your needs. Our self-closing hinges mean that a gate is never left open unless you want it to stay that way. Our Tension Control™ Technology is an innovation that is adjusted by the spring-loaded mechanism within the barrel of the hinge. Increasing and decreasing the tension of the spring will determine how fast or slow the gate will swing. You also have the option to disable the self-closing feature for fully manual gate operation. Close your gate the way you want - fast, slow, or somewhere in-between.


3-Way Adjustability

Because gates can become out of square due to ground freezing or repeated use, we developed 3-way adjustable hinges with tension control technology that allow you to have the flexibility to adjust your gate horizontally, vertically, and your gate’s tension. So, when Mother Nature makes adjustments to your gate without you even knowing it, you will already be prepared with the right solution.

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Tension Control™ Technology

Boerboel Gate Solutions innovative Tension Control™ Technology provides the flexibility to the homeowner to choose their style of closure, from self-closing hinge operation that returns your gate after being opened to its starting position or manual hinge operation that requires the user to open and close their gate to its starting point.


All of the Boerboel products go through rigorous testing to make sure they support our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Testing Type One

Cycle Testing

Any of our hinges that offer manual or self-closing options must go through and surpass 10-year full-cycle testing with 5 openings and closures a day. A cycle is defined as a full open/close segment; this testing duplicates, in accelerated form, the use a customer would subject the product to in the average lifetime of the product. To ensure endurance and performance under normal and maximum conditions of usage, the hinges are tested in various stages and under different conditions, from temperature variants to degree of closure. We also have products being tested and monitored in the field.

Testing Type Two

Salt Spray

All of our Boerboel gate solutions go through industry standard ASTM B117 Salt Spray testing and surpass to support our limited lifetime warranty. B117 is the standard for testing corrosion resistance. We simulate exposure to a corrosive environment such as a seaside location, testing for variables such as salt, temperature, and humidity. In general, 1000 hours equates to 15 years of generic environmental exposure.


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