GardDog® Locking Compact Pool Safety Latch

Designed to work with all gates, Boerboel’s GardDog® Locking Compact Pool Safety Latch was created with a superior magnet that offers a secure closure and a key-locking feature. With proven results – Boerboel’s GardDog® Locking Compact Pool Safety Latch surpassed a one million cycle test to ensure child and pet safety.

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What You Need to Know

Common Gate Components:


Fence Post - Vertical support from which the hinge and gate hangs. The post also attaches to the fence panel.

Gate Upright - Vertical part of the gate where you mount the hinge arm. Size varies based upon the dimension and style of the gate.

Gate Width and Weight - Width is the horizontal measurement of the gate. This measurement, along with the weight of the gate, will determine the load capacity your hinge can support.

Gate Material - Common gate materials include wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel.

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Salt Spray

All of our Boerboel gate solutions go through industry standard ASTM B117 Salt Spray testing and surpass to support our limited lifetime warranty. B117 is the standard for testing corrosion resistance. We simulate exposure to a corrosive environment such as a seaside location, testing for variables such as salt, temperature, and humidity. In general, 1000 hours equates to 15 years of generic environmental exposure.


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