Innovative Tension Control Technology Features 3-Way Adjustability

1a - Boerboel Gate Solutions

The outside environment can make adjustments to a fence gate without you even knowing it, especially when severe weather strikes. Over time, especially in colder climates, fence posts can shift due to ground freeze or simply from repeated use, causing a gate to become out of square. That’s one reason why Boerboel® Gate Solutions has developed 3-way adjustable hinges, offering the flexibility to adjust a gate horizontally and vertically, as well as customizing the closure tension.The innovative Boerboel Tension Control Technology™ allows for customization of the resistance and speed of the gate closure.

  • Boerboel wrap and chain link/farm hinges feature 3-way adjustability: vertical, horizontal, and tension adjustments, making it the perfect solution for a balanced gate. This hinge works with vinyl, metal and wood gates, and chain link/farm fencing systems.
  • Boerboel butterfly hinges feature self-closing and manual-close functionality with simple tension adjustments, making it quick and easy to customize the gate swing speed. Butterfly hinges work best with vinyl, wood and metal gates.
  • Boerboel center mount hinges offer a versatile 180 degree gate swing which allows the gate to open both inward and outward. It has been designed with a convenient stay-open feature which allows the gate to be held open. It is ideal for metal gates.

Horizontal adjustments can be made on the arm of the hinge mounted to the gate by either loosening the screws or shifting the barrel. Channels in the mounting plates allow the hinge to slide up, down, in or out to get a gate back to square. For vertical adjustments, loosen and move the screws that mount to the post.

To adjust tension, loosen the bottom bolt on the hinge barrel. While holding the bottom bolt in position, turn the top bolt with second wrench toward the “+” sign stamped on the hinge barrel to increase the speed the gate will close. Turn toward the “–” symbol to decrease the gate speed. For manual gate operation you can disable the self-closing feature by making one full rotation towards the “–” symbol. Once you have the speed adjusted to your needs, lock the tension in by tightening the bottom bolt.

All Boerboel Tension Control Technology latches are crafted from the finest quality materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and nylon. Each latch undergoes vigorous cycle testing to ensure it can withstand a lifetime of openings at full self-closing weight. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.