What is the minimum/maximum gate upright to post gap required for proper installation of the hinges?

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Why would I adjust the product vertically or horizontally?

Over time due to the natural settling of the ground your gate could become out of square.

Why would I adjust the tension speed of the hinges faster or slower?

Adjusting the tension is all about your personal preference of opening and closing speed of your gate.

Do all hinges include three-way adjustability?

Most of the Boerboel Gate Solution hinges have vertical and/or horizontal adjustability but only the following have 3-way:
– Heavy-Duty Wrap
– Standard Wrap
– Standard Chain Link/Farm

How do I determine which hinge works best for me?

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Should every gate have a gate stop?

Yes, to prevent gate from slamming closed, prolonging the life of the gate.

What does Self-Closing vs. Manual mean?

Self-Closing refers to the tension in the spring causing the gate to close behind you. Manual is when you close your own gate.

Will my hardware weather?

Boerboel Gate Solutions hardware is weather protected and has been tested and passed ASTM requirements, #ASTMB117.

What is the farm device?

It is a self-closing device that when added to a new or existing farm gate will allow the hinge to close.

What is a Boerboel?

A Boerboel is a breed of Mastiff, a guard dog offering safety and peace of mind.

What is the warranty?

It is a limited lifetime warranty. See product packaging for details.

What material(s) is the hardware made of?

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Where can I locate install instructions/videos?

By visiting the specific product pages or the website.

Where can I buy Boerboel hardware?

Boerboel is currently sold at Lowes.com, HomeDepot.com, or from a local ActiveYards dealer.

What additional screws/components will I need to purchase?

Any additional components you may have to purchase are noted in the instructions.

How do I clean if necessary?

You may gently clean any of the Boerboel Gate Solution products with warm water and a soft rag.