Choosing the Proper Gate Solution

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Boerboel products are offered in a variety of ranges to support various sizes and weights of gates. Understanding which product is appropriate for which material type is important.

Below are guidelines we suggest you use when selecting a gate solution. This handy chart shows the products we offer and which gate material our products are designed to work best with.

2016_BB_SPO_Catalog (4)

It’s important to consider these factors when choosing the product: width and weights of the gate, the type of material, upright and post sizes.

As you can see, Boerboel offers a variety of hinge solutions to choose from, whether your gate is wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, chain link, or a farm gate. We offer multi-faceted designs and versatile products that complement any gate type and style – enhancing your outdoor setting. Boerboel Gate Solutions re designed to hold the heaviest gates to withstand a lifetime of openings.