Boerboel Products Pass Rigorous Testing Process

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All Boerboel gate hardware products must pass stiff standards prior to manufacturing and selling to consumers. This ensures that these products support the Barrette limited lifetime warranty that comes with each product. We conducted the cycle testing and the salt spray tests, both in a controlled environment as well as field testing.

Cycle Testing:

hingeAny Boerboel Gate Solutions hinge that offers manual or self-closing options must go through – and surpass a 10-year full-cycle testing – with 5 openings and closures a day.

A cycle is defined as a full open/close segment; this testing duplicates the use a customer would subject the product to in the average lifetime of the product.

To ensure endurance and performance under normal and maximum conditions of usage, the hinges are tested in various stages and under different conditions, from temperature variants to degree of closure. In addition, products were tested and monitored in the field to ensure compliance.

Salt Spray:

All Boerboel Gate Solutions products go through the tough, industry standard ASTM B117 Salt Spray test. B117 is the standard for testing corrosion resistance.

On average, 1000 hours equates to 15 years of generic environmental exposure. We simulated exposure to a corrosive environment such as a seaside location, testing for variables such as salt, temperature, and humidity.